Cloisonne cremation urns and keepsakes all begin with a solid copper form, making them remarkably durable and some of the most sought-after funerary products on the market. The design is then welded on using flexible copper wire. After the wire is attached, colorful enamel is placed in the spaces, similar to doing a paint by number or stained glass project. With these kinds of cremation containers and urns, the enamel hardens as it dries. When the finish is dry, the piece is fired, polished and checked for any blemishes. The enamel helps create a scratch-resistant coating on the surface as well as being eye-catching and vibrant. Each cloisonne urn and keepsake is a bonafide masterpiece, designed to make you smile when you look at it and fondly remember your loved ones. Cloisonne cremation urns are part of an ancient and traditional process that has been mastered by artisans in one area of northern China and many of the designs offered at OneWorld Memorials are imported from the region that made this technique famous. These cremation containers and urns offered by OneWorld Memorials are all hand made with care and come in a large variety of designs and colors.

Cloisonne cremation urns and memorials are special because no two pieces are ever exactly alike due to the unique process used to create them. Like your loved one, your cloisonné cremation urn will be one-of-a-kind and meaningful to you. Order your favorite designs online and take advantage of OneWorld Memorials’ impressive selection, compassionate customer service team and unbeatable 100 percent money-back guarantee.

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