Egyptian-style Ceramic Pet Cremation Urns

by Liz Mathers

Photograph provided by Charm Ceramics. 

When a beloved family pet dies, an immediate void and unabated loss are felt. The kindness of friends and family helps provide comfort, but the loss of that pet can be difficult to express or honor. Holding a memorial service is one way to honor the pet's faithfulness and unconditional love. Another way to honor your lost pet is to memorialize it by placing its cremation ashes in a pet cremation urn.

Pet cremation urns come in many shapes and styles, including cat urns and dog urns specifically designed for each animal. But the designs of some urns are done more intentionally - like the unique Egyptian urns you'll find at OneWorld Memorials. These Egyptian cat urns and dog urns honor your lost cat or dog in a way that ancient Egyptians understood. The variety of Basst cat urns for ashes and the Anubis dog cremation urns are created in the minimalist style and offer a unique vessel to hold your pet's ashes.

Inspiration for the Basst and Anubis Ceramic Pet Urns

These elegant designs are inspired by the traditional designs of Egyptian canopic jars. Historically in Egypt, these jars were used to store the internal organs of the deceased who was to be mummified. Since the organs contained enough fluid to cause putrefaction and rapid decomposition, they were removed from the body. The canopic jars were buried with the body because the Egyptians believed the organs were needed for the individual to be reborn in the Afterlife. Many of these canopic jars featured elaborate designs that depicted images of animals or were shaped in their image. Common designs included cats and the guide of the underworld, Anubis, who would look after cemeteries and graves to guide the departed following their passing.

Such an ancient ritual shows reverence for the body, even after death. Sarah Sherman, one of the creators of the Basst and Anubis pet cremation urns, shares her story that led to the designs.

When Sarah was around eight years old, she was caring for Milo, her neighbor's cat. When she noticed his food from the previous day had not been eaten, Sarah searched for him. She found Milo had passed away on the back porch. "This early and poignant experience with loss, impacted me from a very deep place and ultimately led me to make urns for pets," said Sarah.

She designed Basst Cat Cremation Urns in the summer between her junior and senior year of college at the suggestion of her professor, Joan Takayama Ogawa. Professor Ogawa told Sarah the story of receiving the ashes of one of her pets in a tin can after the pet's cremation. Her loss was great, and the tin can felt disrespectful and misaligned with the love she'd shared with her pet. After listening to this story, Sarah felt compelled to embark on the project of creating a beautiful pet cremation urn.

Pet Cremation Urns that Honor Your Pet

As an animal lover, Sarah wanted to make pet cremation urns that would be meaningful.

She created the Anubis Dog Urns after many requests for dog cremation urns made in the style of the Basst Cat Urns. She mused, "Why not create something beautiful? Our pets are friends and family members."

Beyond the Egyptian-style urns featured here, many other pet urns exist for anyone who wants to memorialize their pet in a unique and loving way. From urns that feature pictures to urns that are simple and decorative, there's an option for everyone. Other minimalist styles - not designed by Sarah - include the Arielle Heart Pet Urn with paw prints. Debby, who purchased the urn, shared that "this heart-shaped urn is gorgeous and I'm happy to be able to keep my Abby in it to preserve the wonderful memories of the 10+ years we had with our first adopted Maltese."

Another unique cat-shaped urn for ashes, the Cozy Cat Cremation Urn is handcrafted in resin in the shape of a sleeping cat. "This urn is perfect for our kitty and we are comforted, having her in our living room. Unless we tell people, they think the urn is a cat statue. Just perfect," said Diana, a customer.

Creators of Egyptian-style Pet Cremation Urns

Charm Ceramics was established in 2014 in Los Angeles, California by Sarah Sherman and her mother Marilyn. While Sarah was finishing college, she and her mother began creating pottery together. Their work was described as "charming" and Charm Ceramics was born. OneWorld Memorials became enamored when they discovered the sleek, modern assortment of ceramic pet cremation urns.

Pet cremation urns are reasonably priced and offer a comforting presence. As one customer said, "In this time of loss of my most precious friend my pet chihuahua Spencer, you have made it easy for me to have something special for his final resting place."

Our pets are important parts of our families. From providing comfort and companionship during their lives to maintaining a special part of our lives following their passing, remembering them and thoughtfully cherishing them is significant to many people. At OneWorld Memorials, finding pet cremation urns that celebrate the joy they have brought us is easy - so find something that shows how special your lost pet truly was.


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