Three Special Memorial Options For Pets And Pet Owners

memorial keepsakesOver thousands of years, dogs and cats evolved side by side with their human companions. Dogs stood guard over homes and shepherds' flocks, while cats scared off (and ate) vermin like mice and rats. That's how the dangerous wolves became man's best friend, and how mankind became cat's best friend.

And while human cultures all over the world have unique traditions and rituals to honor and remember our loved ones after they pass, in many ways men and women are still creating rituals to pay tribute to our four-legged friends after they go to the big scratchpad or dog park in the sky.

Many companies now create memorial keepsakes for pets, including cremation urns for ashes, cremation jewelry, and biodegradable cremation urns for burial.

  • Cremation Jewelry For Pets: During the cremation process, pet remains are exposed to temperatures of nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and cremation jewelry allows pet owners to place one quarter of a cubic inch inside unique memorial keepsakes. Cremation ash jewelry comes in various styles, such as memorial necklaces for ashes, cremation bracelets, and ashes pendants to wear around your neck and next to your heart.
  • Burial Urns: Burying a beloved animal can be extremely painful, and some pet owners find that burying ashes makes the process easier to bear. In the U.S., nearly 827,060 gallons of embalming fluid ends up in the earth every year, and biodegradable ash containers allow you to bury a pet without any harm to the environment. Some pet owners even bury these containers in their garden, so that their blooming flowers always remind them of their lost companion.
  • Animal Urns For Ashes: While some people choose to bury their pets, it's also becoming quite common for pet owners to display a memorial urn inside their home. These urns come in hundreds of unique styles and designs to match any personality or taste. In life, your pet never left your side, and now they never have to again.

No matter what you decide to do after the passing of a pet, there are countless options for memorial keepsakes to help you keep their memory alive. Just because you move on, that doesn't mean you have to forget.

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