An Engaging Water Burial

By Ira Woods

Although cremation urns aren't exactly a hot topic for most people, there are some really wonderful and intriguing one of a kind cremation urns that do end up generating inspired conversations. I suppose that when we imagine our own, or perhaps a loved one's memorial involving cremation, we tend to get in touch with what we’d like to see happen and consequently imagine the type of urn for cremation ashes, or other vessel, we’d like to see as part of it.

In a post on the OneWorld Memorials Facebook Page we shared a story about a very heartfelt water burial blogged by Chris Maclellan, a well-known and respected caregiving blogger. His story reminded me of the Memento Biodegradable Cremation Urn which is made expressly for water burials. What makes this urn so compelling is that everybody can easily get involved in a ceremonial send-off centered on a truly unique looking, and functional vessel for the deceased's ashes; and it all happens in water.

Each Memento Urn is handcrafted individually into a shape I like to call the “space pod”. This unique pod-like shape allows the urn to float briefly before becoming immersed in water and then biodegrade naturally over time. The surface of the urn can be written on by all who want. Additionally there are 20 biodegradable note-cards with the urn so people can write messages. The cards are then inserted through a slit on top. The ashes sit secure and encapsulated in a biodegradable bag within the pod.

This urn is also attractive for those who like to help protect the environment. With every purchase of a Memento Urn the manufacturer donates money to the Ocean Conservatory, which is dedicated to helping preserve the ocean.

Water burial with a Memento Urn is an exceptional way to have everyone engaged in the memorial and express their farewells housed in a futuristic looking vehicle.


 The Blue Memento Biodegradable Cremation Urn: perfect for engaging others in a water burial:

The Memento Urn Top View         The Memento Urn Front View


 Also available in white.


Ira Woods is the president and founder of OneWorld Memorials. He had become the primary caregiver for his wife who discovered she had cancer in 2009. His experience caregiving and then losing someone he deeply loved caused him to reach out and encourage others to prepare for this eventuality through writing and speaking.

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