Blue Memento Biodegradable Cremation Urn


  • Unique, seed-shaped blue biodegradable cremation urn that allows families to create a meaningful ceremony.
  • 20 biodegradable note-cards are included that can be written on and placed into the urn, prior to a water burial. 
  • Each urn is coated in milk paint that allows for writing on the urns surface. The outside of the urn can be decorated with markers.
  • The unique, contemporary form of the urn allows for a graceful descent into the water.

Capacity: up to 275 cubic inches.
Dimensions: 15.0"L x 10.0"W x 5.5"H.
Materials: Recyclable paper, milk paint.

The Blue Memento Biodegradable Cremation Urn allows families to create a unique water burial ceremony. This ashes urn invites the engagement of friends and family. Using permanent markers, participants can write their comments and farewells on the surface. Each Memento Cremation Urn includes 20 biodegradable note cards that can also be written on and inserted through a slit on the top. This water cremation urn is individually handcrafted into an innovative pod-like shape that allows it to float briefly before immersing itself in the water. The cremation ashes sit secure and encapsulated in a biodegradable bag. With every purchase of a Memento Urn, the manufacturer donates money to organizations dedicated to helping preserve the ocean.

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