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OneWorld Memorials Explains the Meaning of the Italian Horn

For centuries, people in every culture have believed that words, symbols, and actions have had direct influences on the events in their lives. Superstitions, as they're called, stemmed from the unpredictability in the world, and have been a way in which humans feel that they can exert their own influence for control.

A broken mirror, the number 13, black cats, or a quick "bless you" after a sneeze are all examples of superstitions. Objects have been common ways to attract good luck, too. Lucky pennies, four leaf clovers, rabbit's feet and horseshoes are all talismans that people have believed would bring good luck. These objects vary greatly, however, depending on the culture. In Italy, the Italian horn has been a symbol for good luck and protection. It has long been considered to be one of the most powerful amulets. It has been displayed in a variety of ways, such as in cars, on streets, and as jewelry.

What is the Italian Horn

The Italian horn, also called a cornicello, corno portafortuna, or cornetto, is a gently shaped horn that resembles a chili pepper. Some historians say that the amulet symbolizes the pagan Moon Goddess of Europe, which is why the horn's shape was first associated with a crescent moon. The amulet is now more closely associated with a bull's horn.

The Italian horn is said to be blessed with good luck and good fortune. It is said that it provides protection for the wearer from the dreaded "Malocchio," or the evil eye - a superstition that dates back nearly 5,000 years. In many cultures, the evil eye is taken very seriously: experts have reported that up to 40% of the world believes in this superstition. One might be familiar with the evil eye's depiction, which is associated with a harsh and glaring scowl. It is thought to cause injury or misfortune. The evil eye is also believed to harm mothers and babies.

In addition to good luck, the Italian horn is said to protect fruit-bearing trees, milking animals, and even a man's masculinity.

Although the horn can be crafted from many different materials, some are thought to have special powers against the evil eye and certain diseases. For example, red Italian coral is related to life, love, fertility, blood, and protection. Yellow gold is thought to attract wealth, power, and luck.

Italian Horn Necklace as a Cremation Keepsake

The Italian horn has found its way into the keepsake niche within the cremation jewelry industry. A variety of pendants and urn necklaces are popular that feature this good luck talisman that's said to provide protection for the deceased. Italian horn cremation urn necklaces are made to hold a small amount of a loved one's ashes, so they're always close.

Cremation Jewelry Grows in Popularity

The option to carry a tiny portion of cremated ash (less than one cubic inch in a special pendant) provides the comforting thought that a loved one is never far from your heart. Cremation jewelry has become a popular trend that continues to grow. There has been a steady rise in Google searches over the past 10 years, as is shown in this screen capture taken from Google Trends:

More and more, people are seeking uniquely special ways to maintain some closeness and contact with their departed family members and pets. An item like the Italian horn cremation pendant does that. It provides a deep social and cultural tradition, too.

Memorial Jewelry at OneWorld Memorials

At OneWorld Memorials, we carry a wide variety of keepsake jewelry and other memorial keepsakes that accommodate a small portion of cremation ashes. These are ideal for cases in which a family may want to separate the deceased's ashes to share.

For those who choose the increasingly popular memorial jewelry option, there are many different styles to choose from that will reflect your interests, the interests of the deceased, or both. Shop minimalist designs that are streamlined and modern or an animal-themed pendant. From the tree of life and paw prints to teddy bears, there is a cremation necklace that will catch your eye.

Others may opt for a keepsake memorial to display in their home on a memorial shelf, on a mantle, or in another designated place. Mini urns, cremation keepsake lamps, statuaries, and other options are all available for sale at OneWorld Memorials. Many of these keepsakes are engravable, which makes them even more special.

If you need assistance with finding the right memorial necklace, keepsake, or urn, we're here to help. Call us toll free at (833) 493-9105 during business hours (CST) or email us anytime. A caring staff member will walk you through your purchase to make sure you choose the perfect piece to memorialize your loved one.