Infinity™ Urn Vault


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Introducing the Infinity™ Urn Vault, the strongest and most innovative urn vault on the market.

The Infinity Urn Vault offers an easier and safer way to preserve your loved one’s urn. After digging an 18" hole with an auger, the grave site is ready for the vault. That's it. No extra digging. No squaring off a round hole to fit a square urn vault.

Weighing 15 lbs, with the urn in it, allows anyone to easily carry it. And with its lightweight design, there's no need for heavy equipment to lower it. The urn has a patented sealing rubber gasket that creates a weatherproof seal whilst also being as strong as concrete at a fraction of the weight — maintaining the integrity of the ground around it.

  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • 1000 psi stronger than concrete
  • Faster and easier site preparation
  • Light weight and easy to lower
  • Made in the USA and designed by a MN Funeral Director

Dimensions: 17.75" tall, 11.5" depth and 11.5" wide
Material: Polymer

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