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Aria Ascending Cremation Urn - Large


SKU: 5242L

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  • Bronze cremation urns finished in pewter and painted in a dark blue paint with hand engraved birds.
  • Each of the bronze bird urns is hand crafted and then hand etched by skilled artisans in northern India.
  • Ascension is the act of moving upwards, and these birds are symbolic of the soul rising up.
  • Features a threaded lid for a secure closure.
  • Engraving available. Engraving is placed to the left of the birds.
Capacity:Up to 200 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 200 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 9.9"H x 6.6"W.
Materials: Bronze, matte paint.

The Aria Ascending Cremation Urn for ashes is adorned with a flock of silhouetted birds taking flight. Ascension is the act of rising above, like a bird that flies beyond the horizon. For many, birds in flight are symbolic of freedom and provide a link between the heavens and the earth. This birds funeral urn features a sky blue paint finish with hand polished, pewter birds. The Aria Ascending Cremation Urn is an outstanding piece, complete with a pewter base and a threaded lid. The urn's fine finish allows for custom personalization with engraving on the body of the vessel.

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