Aria Dolphin Cremation Urn - Large

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  • These bronze dolphin cremation urns are finished in pewter, painted in a light blue paint, and hand engraved with dolphins.
  • Each bronze urn is hand crafted and then hand etched by skilled artisans in northern India.
  • A calming piece that would make a wonderful tribute to your loved one.
  • Urns for cremated ashes feature threaded lids for secure closure.
  • Engraving available. Engraving is placed on the back of the urn.
Capacity: Up to 200 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 200 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 9.9 Inches High x 6.6 Inches Length x 6.6 Inches Wide.
Material: Bronze
For those who like to swim with the dolphins, this is the urn that will bring true peace. The serene blue of the cremation urn comes to life with a pod of dolphins etched in brushed silver. With pewter trim around the base and the rim of the lid, the entire memorial item is calming to look at. Dolphins are marine animals and there are 42 species of the mammal. Many people feel an affinity to dolphins because of their intelligence, their playful nature and their beauty when swimming and jumping from the water. It is a symbol many feel attached to in life, and may wear a piece of jewelry with a dolphin, donate or foster dolphins, or go on vacation where they can swim with the dolphins. If your loved one felt this affinity, the Aria Cremation Urn may be the best place to rest their cremains.
The Aria Dolphin Cremation Urn for ashes is a sturdy vessel that is embellished by hand with the silhouette of a dolphin over a light blue background. Many people find comfort in dolphins as they are symbols of harmony and transcendence. This dolphin urn is an outstanding piece with a pewter finish on the base and around the lid. The refined finish allows for outstanding personalization on the urn's body through our custom engraving option. To keep the serene scene of the dolphins, engraving is placed on the opposite side of the urn. You can include a few words, a phrase or a short poem as a memorial to your loved one.

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