Scatter Ashes from the Edge of Space

OneWorld Memorials partners with Mesoloft to take cremation ashes to the edge of space.

The options for scattering ones ashes is vast when you consider the size of the earth and the amazing number of locations ash scattering ceremonies can be conducted. But, now we can go further – space.

Space burial is a real thing and has already been done. The first person to be taken into outer space was Gene Roddenberry who created Star Trek. His ashes were transported by NASA on a Columbia Shuttle mission in 1992, and then brought back to earth.

Then in 1999 NASA sent off a moon probe with Eugene Shoemaker, who’s ashes were left scattered on the moon’s surface. Shoemaker was part of the team who made us aware of the spectacular Shoemaker-Levi comet that hit Jupiter in 1994.

The Moon

Most dazzling was the space burial of the scientist who discovered Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh. With some of his ashes aboard NASA's New Horizons space craft, not only did his ashes soar past Pluto, but he’s now on his way to reach an object that 1 billion miles further away.

 The planet Pluto

Very few people are ever going to be invited by NASA to have their ashes brought to the far reaches of space. But how about having ashes scattered from the very edge of space? Mesoloft is one company that makes this option a reality. Rather than depending on the expense and engineering of rocket technology, Mesoloft uses high-altitude balloons to bring cremated ashes to the far reaches of our atmosphere and then release them. 

Mesoloft balloon in the atmosphere.

Imagine silently rising high in the sky to the point where the earth's curvature and darkness of space are visible. From that vantage point, a person’s ashes are released into the atmosphere. The ashes are then carried by the earth’s air currents, for what may be several months, before landing scattered around the planet. Mesoloft offers this dramatic possibility to honor a loved one today.

That is only part of the Mesoloft offer. Mesoloft developers have also engineered a way to video the journey and ash release for you to keep. The result is a memorialized send off that can be watched now, or by future generations. For a little extra cost, they will even create a full memorial video from the footage and stills. 

The Mesoloft Team

Mesoloft is the visionary creation of engineers in the aerospace industry. They saw the potential for an exciting way to have ashes scattered by high altitude weather balloons. Their first paid launches hit the news in 2014, and they’ve been hard at work perfecting their services ever since. To date they’ve completed many successful launches.

Currently, each launch is exclusive to the family or individual organizing the memorial enabling the journey to be highly personalized. Up to three pounds of a person’s ashes take the trip and are released into the atmosphere more than 75,000 feet above the earth. The cremated ashes of an average adult usually weigh around four-to-six pounds. The remaining ashes (over the three-pound limit) can be kept in an urn for ashes or a cremation keepsake.

Mesoloft’s scattering memorials range from $4,500 to $7,500. The fee includes a video of the entire trip. Family members can attend the launch, or watch a live stream of the flight.  Mesoloft offers a full money back guarantee if the flight is not successful. 

We are honored to be partnering with Mesoloft and thrilled to offer this unique service to our visitors. If you decide to take their services, Mesoloft will take $400 off the cost for coming from the OneWorld Memorials site. Want to learn more about Mesoloft's operations and success? Click the link below and be sure to use code OWM to get our partner discount on your order.

Click here to learn more about the Mesoloft ash scattering memorial.



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