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Tree of Life Pendant - Sterling Silver

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SKU: P14-114

  • Sterling silver cremation pendant with a tree of life design.
  • A reoccurring motif in many different cultures, the Tree of Life symbolizes interconnectedness, rebirth and immortality.
  • Made from sterling silver, the Tree of Life pendant boasts a brilliant shine that will stand up to everyday wear with ease.
  • Ash can be added to the opening in the back.
  • Includes a satin cord.
Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch.
Dimensions: 1.5 Inches High x 1.1 Inches Wide.
Material: Sterling Silver
A tree reaches toward the sky, yet remains rooted deeply into the earth beneath it, growing tall, branches spreading wide. Blossoming each spring, fruiting each summer, shedding its leaves each fall in preparation for a winter of rest, a tree mirrors the seasons of life itself. Tree of life cremation jewelry commemorates the interconnectedness of all life in this great mysterious journey though life. Necklaces that can hold a small amount of ashes of your loved one offer a beautiful touch-point for sweet memories as one goes about the day, and this sterling silver Tree of Life Pendant cradles them safely within it.

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