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Broken Heart Syndrome Can Kill You

The term Broken Heart Syndrome ("BHS") was first coined in a 1998 publication of Circulation, from the case study of a woman who suddenly developed a heart condition and symptoms...
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The Columbarium

For many people it is important to have a permanent memorial site for their cremated remains. Some may want to be buried on a family plot, or have their urn...
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For Some, Cremation Isn't a Choice

Sanskaras are Hindu rites of passage, each of which acknowledges an important stage in a person’s life.  Death is the final stage, and is recognized and celebrated in the same manner...
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The Gift of Saying Goodbye

Grief is defined as a natural and normal reaction to loss. Yet the physiological and emotional wounds that grief can cause are the least understood of emotional experiences. Unresolved grief can...
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