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Feng Shui and Other Tips on Where to Place a Cremation Urn at Home

by Wendy Jacobson



"Feng Shui Desain Interior" by Anna Hape*

Cremation offers many benefits, and raises several questions. One issue I often hear mentioned is what to do with the ashes once they are “home.” Surviving family members have the option of displaying a cremation urn in their home in order to feel close and connected to the deceased.

Deciding exactly where to put that urn so that it feels just right, however, requires some thought and planning. In this blog, we offer advice for those interested in Feng Shui. And for those not akin to Feng Shui, we provide other planning tips on deciding where to place an urn.

Can Feng Shui influence the placement of a cremation urn?

Although Feng Shui has assumed a place of influence in our current American culture, it can be traced back several thousand years to its origin in China. The very first use of the practice was to bury deceased elders in a certain location, facing the “correct” direction so that future generations would prosper. Today, with the popularity of cremation on the rise, adaptations to Feng Shui can be incorporated when determining placement of a cremation urn.

According to Amy Theisen of Infinity Life Design of Minneapolis, “when incorporating Feng Shui principles in the placement of an urn in the home, we want to put the cremation urn in the most auspicious (positive) area.” The direction or orientation of your home and urn placement are important in how the chi or energy flows in and around your home. 

“Although every case is different, in general if your home faces north, south, west or northwest, you want to place the urn in a north or south room in the house,” said Theisen. “If your home faces northeast, southeast, southwest or east, you want to place the urn in a northeast or northwest room in the house. Regardless of the room, display the urn prominently and beautifully. The urn should not be placed in a drawer or cupboard.”

Other tips for finding the right spot for a cremation urn

While deciding where to place the urn in the home is a big decision, it doesn’t need to be a difficult one. Primarily, consider

  • location
  • style

Thinking about these will point you in the right direction. Below we’ve outlined more specifics.

Location in your home

You might first ask, “Will the cremation urn sit in a cabinet in the bedroom, family room or den, or will it be on the mantle in your living room, or on a window sill in the kitchen?” Think about which rooms were especially important to your loved one, and where he or she liked to spend time. Also, think about spaces in the home where favorite memories were created. If the deceased loved to cook, a spot in the kitchen might be a loving place.


Once the location is determined, consider style when choosing a cremation urn. It’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • color schemes, décor, ambience, and personality of the room in which the urn will be located
  • is the style formal, relaxed, modern, classic, chic, country, or a mix
  • the style preference of the deceased

Wherever it is displayed, you don’t want the cremation urn to stick out like a sore thumb, so the setting of the room is important. What other items are located in the room? A wooden cremation urn has a quite different feel and visual component from a metal urn. Check out our guide to materials used in cremation urns. You want to ensure whichever cremation urn you choose will blend in nicely.

You also want to keep the style of your loved one in mind. If the deceased was an outdoors enthusiast, for instance, perhaps a wood cremation urn makes the most sense. If he or she were an artist, you might want to consider artisan urns, or the distinctive hand-blown glass cremation keepsakes. It can be easy to get caught up in the style of the room and forsake the style and personality of your loved one. But those factors are just as, if not more, important than ensuring the urn fits with the space.

The placement of a cremation urn ideally provides comfort, closeness and a connection that will endure for a long time. And when you find that perfect place in your home, you will know it in your heart and there the urn will reside.

 *Image can be found here: http://bit.ly/2bgPtjr

Wendy Jacobson is a freelance writer living in Minneapolis with her husband, two kids and dog. She helped market her mother’s book, “Hands Off My Hope: Life Lessons on my Journey with Breast Cancer” at the request of her mom, who died two weeks after publishing it in 2008. She also is the editor of Minneapolis Happening, a digital lifestyle magazine about what’s happening in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.



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