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Landscape Specific Cremation Urns

by J. Malec


OneWorld Memorial's Deer Sanctuary Wooden Cremation Urn 

Seemingly empty landscapes convey a depth and mystery often associated with death or the hereafter. There’s a reason that "passing away" is at times referred to in visual metaphors such as "riding off into the sunset." The vastness of the sky, sea and mountains puts our experiences into perspective.

For those who find solace, fun, or an expansive encounter through nature, there are many suitable memorial urns. Gardening, hunting or fishing are only a few themes that might represent you or your loved one’s interest. A landscape-themed urn holds the cremains of a deceased beloved who was a camper, bird watcher, fisherman or pet.

Why Choose a Landscape Memorial Cremation Urn?

The language of the landscape speaks to a connectedness of life. Not only does the language invoke a spirit of continuity, but it also invites us to explore, discover, play, reflect, and plunge into an ever-changing land form. A sense of calm might be extracted intuitively from nature’s ability to integrate the dynamic cycle of birth and death. It can be a great comfort during times of loss.

For a loved one whose legacy includes years of stewardship, a permanent display urn such as the Mountain Lake Wooden Cremation Urn might symbolize such a memory. The Biodegradable Cremation Urn - Biker might be used to hold the ashes of a deceased who explored freedom through the open highways and wilderness and be buried in a scenic, special location. Others might resonate with nature’s sense of mystery that is conveyed through scenes like that of the Misty Mountains Adult Ceramic Urn.

Symbolic Animals or Plants

Your loved one may have identified with a specific animal or plant. If this seems an appropriate choice, consider tracking down an urn that incorporates this symbol. Butterflies, flowers, and animals are common motifs found on memorial products.

If you are having difficulty finding an obscure nature symbol, consider custom engraving on a marble or wooden cremation urn, some urn vendors have the ability to provide this if asked. Additionally, try reaching out to a local artist and ask if an urn can be created that suits your needs.

Choosing a Cremation Urn

Nature is inescapable, even in the most urban of settings. The sky is above us, and the earth always underfoot – an example of nature’s endurance. Use the quest for an urn that is a ‘natural fit’ as one more expression of enduring love for your family member, close friend or companion animal.

Choosing a cremation urn can be a daunting task. We are often compelled to choose one during a stressful period of mourning. Even under the best circumstances, how do we sort through the innumerable options available to us online or through local channels?

Our planning guide, 4 Questions to Consider when Choosing a Cremation Urn, provides a starting point with these questions:

  • How will the urn be used?
  • What are the best materials for an urn?
  • What is an appropriate design for an urn?
  • How much should I pay for an urn?

In addition to permanent urns, scattering urns and biodegradable urns might be suitable for a nature lover. Your choice will honor your loved one’s specific passion or favorite landscape.

J. Malec is a visual artist and writer whose work often deals with themes related to loss and healing. She lives in Minneapolis, and spends much of her time practicing permaculture in the city.

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