Bronze Wreath Cube Cremation Urn

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  • Cube-shaped adult cremation urn made from genuine bronze with an embossed wreath decoration.
  • Brushed finish adds a rustic, elegant bronze tone to the outside of the urn.
  • Wreaths are symbolic of eternal life.
  • Velvet case included.
Capacity: Up to 215 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 215 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 8.0 Inches High x 6.5 Inches Length x 6.5 Inches Wide.
Material: Bronze
Rome is the eternal city. This Bronze Wreath Cube Cremation Urn draws inspiration from Roman emperors and can be thought to symbolize life eternal. The laurel wreath also symbolizes a life well lived as the laurel wreath is traditionally a symbol for triumph. The regal bronze urn for cremation ashes is a bright fixture to place in your home. It will stand to remind you of the bold life lived by your loved one, your memories and the times you shared together.
While the bronze is bold, the urn's brushed finish tones down the brightness, and blurs the reflection of light as the memories remain, but may blur into the background of your thoughts.
The laurel wreath adds a symbolic ornamentation to the urn, and softens the stark cube the bronze urn embodies. This represents life, as there are stark features with a soft haze, and organic representation in the laurel leaves. Life embodies all these features, and this urn captures those aspects in sharp focus. The Bronze Wreath Cube Cremation Urn is a bold choice for a bold individual who lived a full life and is well remembered.
The urn comes with a velvet case to keep the urn safe from scratches and prevent tarnish when stored and not out on display. The urn is suitable for an individual weighing up to 215 pounds prior to cremation. Engraving is available to include a touching tribute or epitaph. This urn will be the symbol of life eternal.

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