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Extra Small Pet Cremation Urns

OneWorld Memorials understands how much your pet means to you. Saying farewell to an animal companion can be just as heartbreaking as losing a human member of the family. Commemorate the special bond you shared by selecting an exceptional vessel from our selection of extra small pet urns.

Our selection of extra small pet cremation urns includes a wide variety of memorial options for you to choose from. For instance, memory boxes allow you to store ashes as well as small mementos such as collars, leashes, bones, or favorite toys. Photo urns are perfect for displaying in your home or office, and statuary memorials are ideal for anyone wanting to have a likeness of their beloved pet within sight.

Even the smallest animals can make the largest impact on our hearts. These pet urns can even be shared among family members and friends as keepsakes because of their small size. Explore our selection today to find a unique option to keep your pet’s memory alive.

Finding the Right Size for Your Pet’s Ashes

Extra small pet cremation urns can hold up to 25 cubic inches. Sizing an urn for your pet is simple. The general rule of thumb to follow is one cubic inch for every pound that your pet weighed. Every urn in our selection displays the approximate capacity in cubic inches, so you know what size will accommodate the amount of ashes you wish to store. Our extra small pet urns are ideal for birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, miniature pigs, rabbits, and other pets that weighed up to 25 pounds. Learn more about how to select the right sized urn for your pet by reading our article: How Do I Select the Right Size Urn?.

Superior Craftsmanship and Quality Materials

Every memorial product we offer is made with a high level of expertise. We use only the finest products to ensure that your cremation urn will withstand the wear and tear of time. Our extra small pet cremation urns are made from ceramic, marble, metal, stone, wood, and eco-friendly materials. Biodegradable pet urns are made of cornstarch and other environmentally friendly materials. These earth-friendly and sustainable urns are modestly designed and ideal for discreet burials. These types of urns biodegrade either in soil or water. Always read the product descriptions carefully for details.

Customize an Urn to Cherish Memories

Many of the extra small pet urns in our selection are eligible for personalization. You can make your keepsake much more meaningful by adding an engraving, epitaph, or other customization. Some of our cat cremation urns are inspired by the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, but these statuesque urns allow you to add a gold or silver pendant with engraving for personal sentiments and messages. If you have any questions about our urn customization services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives today for further assistance.

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