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Comparing Different Types of Cremation Urns

It can be overwhelming to determine the best type of urn to use following the loss of a loved one. The different types of urns offer different benefits, and many are specifically designed for usage in certain circumstances. What's the difference between an urn vault and a scattering urn, or a cremation keepsake and a display urn? While you might have some familiarity with the types of cremation urns already, making an informed decision under pressure can be difficult. That's why we've broken down the types of cremation urns as well as when to use them. Read on to learn how you can determine which urn is best for your needs.

Decorative Urns

When you think of an urn, odds are you're thinking of a decorative urn. These urns commonly feature a traditional cylindrical shape, though they can also be boxes, chests or even sculptures. The primary purpose for these types of urns is that they are used to house a loved one's entire cremated remains and be displayed or kept in a home or a columbarium at a cemetery.

Typically, these types of urns will feature decorative designs or shapes that offer a beautiful appearance, allowing them to be displayed inside the home. These types of urns are made using different materials, but most commonly they are made of metal, stone or wood. These types of urns can vary greatly in size as well. If you plan to keep your loved one's cremated remains at home, this is generally the option that most individuals will choose, as it offers a great level of variety and safety.

Mini Urns and Cremation Keepsakes

If you are planning to divide your loved one's ashes, you might consider a mini urn or a cremation keepsake. These types of urns are much smaller than other types of urns as they are not meant to hold the entirety of a loved one's cremated remains. Mini urns are exactly what they sound like - small urns to be displayed that hold a divided amount of ashes.

Cremation keepsakes are more diverse, but they are typically sculptures, boxes and jewelry items, though some cremation keepsakes can even take the form of wind chimes. Typically, cremation keepsakes will hold an even smaller amount of ashes than mini urns. If you plan to bury a majority of your loved one's cremated remains or only take a small portion with you for display, a cremation keepsake is a great way to keep them close to you.

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns are designed to be buried or sent to drift across water. These are environmentally-friendly options that will biodegrade in the ground so that they do not leave behind a lasting imprint. These urns are made from paper, salt and sand, palm leaves, tree bark and other plant-based options. Some options can even help grow a tree or fertilize the earth they are buried in, promoting plant growth. If you plan to bury your loved one's cremated remains but do not want to leave an urn in the ground that may remain there for many years, a biodegradable urn is a great option.

Urn Vaults

Contrasting biodegradable urns, urn vaults are designed to be buried and last. These types of urns are made with materials like stone, metal or plastic, and will keep your loved one's cremated remains safe for generations to come. These types of urns usually feature simple designs to preserve their integrity and durability. This means that they do not make good choices for individuals looking to display their loved one's ashes, but great choices for individuals who plan to bury and create a grave for their loved one.

Scattering Urns

If you plan to scatter your loved one's ashes, a scattering urn is perfect for you. These types of urns are designed with materials like metal, wood and biodegradable options, as the urn is only meant to act as a container until the loved one is delivered to their final resting place. They typically take the form of tubes or cylinders and are generally less expensive than decorative or display urns. Some individuals may choose to preserve their scattering urn following the interment of ashes, in which case it is important to select an urn that is not designed to biodegrade. Scattering urns or scattering tubes will often feature decorative designs on the outside of the urn, though simple options are also available.

Custom Urns

At OneWorld Memorials, you can also find custom urns designed to be a fitting tribute to your lost loved one. These urns can be customized with pictures, sayings, designs, colors and more - they are similar to decorative urns, though they offer a more personalized option that's representative of who your lost loved one was in life. You can find custom pet urns too. If you plan to memorialize a lost loved one with a quote or epitaph, a custom urn is the best choice for simplifying the process and optimizing the result. Custom urns can take many shapes, ranging from traditional urn cylinders to boxes.

Diverse Urn Options for Your Loved One's Remains

Given the diversity of cremation urns available, finding the urn that best suits your needs can be easy - so long as you are prepared. While this list of cremation urns offers many options, there are still more urns that suit specific purposes that may not be listed here. If none of these urn options fit your needs, the answer may still be out there. Consider browsing our extensive options for cremation urns or contacting us directly - we may be able to lead you to exactly what you're looking for.