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Weeping Willow Branches Ceramic Cremation Urn



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  • Elegant, wheel-thrown ceramic cremation urn decorated with draping leaves that add fluidity to the design.
  • The feet of the ashes urn and the lid share the natural motif.
  • Beautifully handcrafted from start to finish.
  • Chromium oxide stain with an emerald glaze inside.

Capacity: Ideal for someone who weighed up to 125 pounds.
Dimensions: 11.0"H x 5.75"W.
Materials: Ceramic.
100% handmade in Minnesota, USA.

The Weeping Willow Branches Ceramic Cremation Urn

Art Nouveau, heirloom quality.
This weeping willow pottery cremation urn is handmade by a Minnesota ceramic artist. Its draping willow branches flow gracefully down the urn's chromium oxide exterior. Gaze inside and you'll be greeted by a stunning emerald glaze, a nod to the willow's importance in Celtic lore. Traditionally, the weeping willow symbolized sorrow, grief and mourning, as well as imagination, intuition and vision. This specialty urn reflects the vessel's Celtic symbolism beautifully. Your willow urn may be mistaken by others as an outstanding pottery piece. But you'll know differently: it's where your heart lies.

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