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Tan Antique Marble Pet Cremation Urn



  • Uniquely shaped, hand made, natural tan marble cremation urn on a base.
  • Pet cremation urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pattern.
  • Bag for pet ashes and adhesiveto secure the lid are included.
Capacity: Ideal for a pet that weighed a maximum of 145

Mottled colors and warm lines, spots of color in a coat of warm browns, comforting, fuzzy nuzzles with a friend of your heart. A pet is so much more than a pet. Somehow, they are family members, perfect dates on a Saturday morning walk for coffee, or a stroll through the fall foliage, their big playful paws crunching through the leaves. This large pet urn has a grace and a timelessness that holds a special love in its precious contents. Stone pet urns can express the durability of a bond that was unbreakable, loyal and so strong. Yet, the smooth to the touch exterior of the Tan Antique Marble Pet Cremation Urn also honors the great softness that such a love gives, inside the heart.

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