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Small Enamel Finished Metal Alloy Cremation Urn - Purple and White

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  • Eye-catching small cremation urn for ashes.
  • With a metal alloy structure this is a long-lasting urn with a smooth rounded shape.
  • This urn has a reflective enamel finish of purple that fades into the white lower third in a streaked pattern.
  • This screw on lid provides a secure way to store ashes.
  • A personalized engraving can be added to the lid.

Dimensions: Inches High x Inches Wide.
Purple combines the passion of red with the calm of blue while white brings in purity. This urn is not only a stunning combination of colors but also a beautiful balance of traits that your loved one may have defined themselves by. This urn will seamlessly blend into the design of any room, while still standing its ground by being such an exquisite piece of craftsmanship.

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