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Small Enamel Finished Metal Alloy Cremation Urn - Light Blue

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  • Impressive small cremation urn for ashes.
  • From the lid to the base, this urn is made from metal alloy.
  • Carries a streaked light blue enamel finish on the body of the urn giving it a reflective surface.
  • No enamel covers the secure screw on lid, so it maintains its natural reflective and shiny nature.

Dimensions: Inches High x Inches Wide.
This small light blue urn provides a caring way to memorialize a loved one whilst not breaking the bank and staying compact. The urn carries a stunning design of light blue in an abstract pattern, giving it a multidimensional look without disrupting the smooth finish. If on display, this cremation urn will impress any eye it catches. Its small size also allows it to be hidden away just for you to know about, to keep a part of you and your loved one’s relationship just between the two of you.

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