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Small Enamel Finished Metal Alloy Cremation Urn - Dark Blue

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  • Timeless small dark blue cremation urn for ashes.
  • This small urn is made of the material known as metal alloy.
  • The urn has a dark blue streaked enamel finish, creating a reflective surface.
  • The screw on lid is a secure way to store the ashes within the urn.

Dimensions: Inches High x Inches Wide.
Blue is a calming color that is said to inspire and represent wisdom. This is a time during which it is hard to find any sense of calm or inspiration but let this urn help give you exactly that. Let it inspire you to move forward while fondly remembering the past. This is a smaller urn, so it will not take up too much space on display, however, it will still provide a lovely addition to any room you decide to keep it in.

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