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Silver Teardrop Urn Necklace


SKU: 121SS

  • Sterling silver urn necklace for ashes.
  • Add the ashes yourself.
  • This silver teardrop necklace pendant comes with information, supplies, anda satin cord.
  • Silver chain can be purchased separately.
  • Engraving available: Yes, 3 characters.
  • Not designed to be submerged in water.
Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch. 
Dimensions: 0.8 Inches High x 0.4 Inches Wide.
Material: Silver

The Silver Teardrop Necklace

This teardrop holds a secret. A promise of remembrance. A gentle presence. Run a finger over the smooth contour and imagine your loved one, radiant as the silver hue. Only you will know that this is a cremation necklace for ashes. Grief evolves in many dimensions, becoming softer over time. Is this small urn pendant a conversation piece, or a soft whisper for your ears alone? Understated elegance, this is not a tear to be wiped away.


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