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Silver Cremation Pendant - Our Hearts Combined


SKU: TB-P1397

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  • Stainless steel cremation necklace with a heart shaped pendant.
  • A solid heart sits safety inside a larger heart outline, a very comforting and elegant design.
  • The ash is added through the twist top (see picture).
  • An 18 silver chain is included. This necklace for ashes comes with information and supplies.
  • Engraving available.
  • Not to be submerged in water.

Capacity: nominal, less than 1 cubic inch.
Dimensions: 1.00H x .75W.
Materials: Stainless steel.

The Silver Cremation Pendant “ Our Hearts Combined

Graceful, seductive, steadfast.

Two silver hearts, one smoothly nestled within the other, evoking a gentle swirl of memories. Comforting as a hug, tender as a kiss. This delicate urn necklace pendant, subtle in its function, keeps your loved one close to your heart. Thepresence is known to you alone. Withpure design asymmetry this ash pendant creates a treasured piece of jewelry, stunning and poignant. A love of two hearts that continues.
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