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Honeycomb Scattering Urn - Red with Wood Trim


SKU: AW4056

  • Elegant and unique hexagonal scattering cremation urn made with fully sustainable eco-friendly materials.
  • Made from strengthened balsa, red non-toxic vegetable food dye and balsa wood trim.
  • Butterfly shaped vegetable ivory and twine help secure the lid.
Capacity: up to 200 cubic inches.
Dimensions: 13.5"H x 6.0"L x 6.25"W.
Materials: Balsa wood, vegetable ivory.

Scattering urns need to be lightweight to carry, and easy to hold. The Honeycomb Scattering Urn - Red with Wood Trim is a OneWorld Memorials' exclusive urn design made with strengthened balsa and an octagonal shape making it ideal for ash scattering ceremonies. Each vessel is carefully crafted and adorned with hand carved vegetable ivory butterflies to secure the lid with the attached twine.

To produce these products we work with a wonderful non-profit organization, ProPueblo, dedicated to bringing fair trade and sustainable income opportunities to various South American communities.
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