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Biodegradable Pine Box Cremation Urn - Extra Large


  • Hand crafted, rustic, unfinished biodegradable pine wood cremation urn. The urn fits together with elegant dovetail joints.
  • Simplistic in design and made for nature, this earth friendly urn is hand made in Canada.
  • The ashes can be added through the underside of the cremation urn, which requires a micro Phillips screwdriver to access.
  • Unfinished, this pine box cremation urn makes an excellent biodegradable burial vessel.
Capacity: Up to 250 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 250 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 5.3 Inches High x 6.6 Inches Length x 9.9 Inches Wide.
Material: Wood
The biodegradable pine box cremation urns are wooden urns that exude a rustic, fresh breath of air. The well made, but straightforward cremation boxes are hand made by skilled woodworkers in Canada. The attention to details is exemplified through the dovetail joints that add strength to this urn for ashes. It is held together with a minimal amount of eco-friendly adhesive. Because this is made of actual wood, the pattern on each urn is unique. You can keep this genuine wood urn unchanged as a display piece, or painted or personalized to represent the personality of your loved one.

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