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Monarch Butterfly Night Light Memory Lamp


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  • Monarch butterfly styled night light. Beautiful orange butterfly contrasts the light blue glass background.
  • Made from fused glass, which creates a special bubbly texture.
  • Each of these nightlights is 100% one of a kind with their own unique coloring.
  • An alternative to a traditional memory lamp.
  • Optional gift wrap and card available for $5.
  • Handmade in Ecuador

Dimensions: 5.25"H x 3.75"W x 3.5"D.
Materials: Glass.

The need to show someone you care often comes without warning: a close colleague at work returns to the office after a death in the family, a sudden loss occurs in a cherished friend’s family, a close friend’s beloved pet is suddenly taken ill. Whether sudden or not, sympathy gifts speak in times like these when we’d like to show support with kindness, to lighten their heart and, perhaps, bring a smile. The Monarch Butterfly Nightlight Memory Lamp is a beautiful and detailed glass Monarch butterfly, captured in bubbly blue fused glass. A memorial light that shines a way through the dark at night. This butterfly soars perpetually to the heavens in its glass sky and is a remembrance gift that can bring both cheer and comfort.

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