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Memorial Ash Planting System for Live Plants - Blue

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  • This bonsai tree planting system offers an eco-friendly, portable option for growing a beautiful miniature tree out of a loved one's cremation ashes.
  • The tree provides an enduring memory of the beauty that lives on after a loved one has passed.
  • The eco-friendly planting system is nested inside of a blue porcelain pot and the bonsai tree (sold separately with voucher) arrives ready to be placed inside the included growth medium after adding ashes.
  • The growth system includes ceramic pot, lid, and saucer; growth medium, stir stick, and instructions.
  • After adding ashes to the growth medium, the bonsai tree selected with special code from voucher (separate) or from a local nursery is placed in the pot to continue growing.
Capacity: Up to 200 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 200 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 12.0 Inches High x 12.0 Inches Wide.
Material: Ceramic
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