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Lotus Blossom Pet Urns - Medium


SKU: 2662L

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  • Lotus blossoms, symbolic of transitioning, grace the front of this beautifully made pet urn for ashes.
  • Designs are carved into the nickel-plated finish and paint is added into the outlines.
  • Due to the handmade nature of this product, not all pet urns will be completely identical to the photo.
  • Features a threaded lid for a secure closure.
Capacity: Ideal for a pet that weighed up to 70 lbs.
Dimensions: 6.4"H x 5.0"W.
Materials: Nickel plated brass, paint.

Recall the dog’s playful stance - poised, curious, ready to fetch or go for a romp. Dogs are prompts to make time for play. Followed by snoozing, of course! After a beloved dog has died, it is a comfort to remember the happy times shared. These urns for pets look happy. Playful bursts of blue, green, red and purple dance around a pink lotus flower etched inside a heart of stripes, expertly etched on these Lotus Blossom Pet Urns - Medium. Lotus blossoms rise from murky ponds in the morning, sink down at nightfall, then bloom with the sun the next day, and are said to symbolize rebirth and devotion. Pet memorial urns honor the devotion of a faithful companion. Romp with happy memories.

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