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Joyeuse Cat Cremation Urns - Patina

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  • Patina colored cat cremation urns are made of brass with a protective wax finish.
  • Patina is a green color created when brass is exposed to air for a long time.
  • The cat shaped urn is in a crouching position, ready to play.
  • Joyeuse is the French word for joyful and these statuary cat urns certainly do depict a joyful, playful cat.
  • The opening is at the bottom and is designed with a threaded brass plate for secure closure.
Capacity: Up to 35 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 35 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 3.9 Inches High x 9.7 Inches Wide.
Material: Bronze
The Joyeuse Cat Cremation Urns - Patina

What greater gift than the love of a cat. - Charles Dickens

In ancient Egypt, cats were known as symbols of grace and poise. They often bring joy to their owners, and sometimes elicit laughter. And while their dignity cannot be overstated, they also are known to let loose, play, frolic in the sunshine.

Such a dichotomy that we often see in our feline friends is captured in this cremation urn for cats. Is he looking dignified or ready to pounce? Or perhaps, he's in a protective mode, as cats often are and were in ancient days. Regardless of his mood, the joy and love he brought you will always be present with this patina cremation urn for cats, just as he will always be with you.

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