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Journey Of Life Cremation Necklace - Sterling Silver


SKU: BB-3207S

  • Sterling silver journey of life cremation necklace pendant.
  • Features a winding path of sterling silver, embedded with small crystal like stones.
  • A screw secures the ash storage compartment on the underside of the pendant.
  • This pendant comes with a black satin cord. Sterling silver chain sold separately.
  • Suitable for people with metal allergies.
  • Not to be submerged in water.
Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch. 
Dimensions: 1.3 Inches High x 0.8 Inches Wide.
Material: Silver
This journey of life cremation necklace embodies the journey that we must all undertake on this earth, traveling from childhood, to adulthood, to old age, and then to whatever lies beyond. Losing a loved one is incredibly hard and the pain of experiencing loss is lesser one day and unbearable another. This sterling silver cremation pendant is here to help you through the down days and keep you gentle company on the good days. If you let it, this necklace for ashes may help you not feel so alone, because your loved one's ashes are right there with you.


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