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Pearl Biodegradable Cremation Urn - Large


SKU: 4110EP

  • Pearl white envelope shaped urn made from hand-crafted mulberry paper.
  • Envelope design is easily sealed, maintaining simplicity and elegance.
  • When placed in water, they will float briefly and sink to the bottom, where they break down naturally over time.
Capacity: Up to 220 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 220 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 14.0 Inches High x 12.0 Inches Wide.
Material: Paper
An envelope sealed with all the goodness an eco-friendly urn offers, the simple and elegant Pearl Biodegradable Cremation urn – Large is unassuming and understated in its aspect, but remains true to its purpose. It does no harm to this precious planet. Biodegradable urns for human ashes serve an important purpose for many. Biodegrading harmlessly in water, these biodegradable ashes containers offer a delicate loveliness to a water burial ceremony, sealed with goodness and sent with love into the deep blue horizon.

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