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Songbird Ceramic Cremation Urn - Extra Small



  • A beautiful tribute piece to a loved one featuring a music motif.
  • The music notes transform into birds that fly away.
  • Can be placed discreetly in the home.
  • The specially designed lid keeps the ash secure. 
  • Liquid adhesive to seal the urn is provided.

Capacity: 12 cubic inches. Suitable for a weight of 12 pounds while healthy.
Dimensions: 3.5"H x 3.0"W.
Materials: Ceramic.

The Songbird Ceramic Cremation Urn – Extra Small

Trills, quavers and warbles float in the dawn.

Imagine that first night when it’s warm enough to sleep with the windows open, and the welcome return of songbirds. Some say songbirds are a link between heaven and earth, known for their protective spirit. Was your loved one a music lover? A bird watcher?  One who thrived with the arts and nature?  Marvel on the familiar refrain of your relationship. The crisp black and white detail on this small ceramic cremation urn features winging birds landing among notes on the treble clef, then lifting off in cadence. Listen.  This small memorial urn can rouse an encore of memories. 

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