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Sterling Silver Hour Glass Cremation Pendant


SKU: 200SS

  • Sterling silver hour glass cremation urn pendant for ashes.
  • See through compartment adds a unique finish to this hourglass pendant.
  • Add the ashes into the hourglass pendant yourself.
  • This hourglass urn necklace comes with information, supplies, anda satin cord.
  • Silver chain can be purchased separately.
  • Not to be submerged in water.
Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch.
Dimensions: 0.9 Inches High x 0.5 Inches Length x 0.5 Inches Wide.
Material: Silver
Timeless, ethereal, celestial and refined. Like sands through the hourglass, we know that life has its limits, though the memory of a loved one lasts forever. The passage of time sifts through this beautiful hour-glass urn pendant that holds a portion of a loved one's ashes. As the ashes move effortlessly through the hourglass, the mind can drift back to memories of a loved one.

The pendant is made from sterling silver and glass. The hourglass design is a traditional design and this gives the classic timekeeper a new purpose, to house a small bit of ashes of your loved one that you can wear close to your heart. Play with the pendant, and ashes and memories shift. Remember your life together, when you first met, were married, had children. Remember the years you spent together in happiness.

This is one of the few pendants or even cremation urns with a clear glass vessel that you can see the ashes. To many, it will appear as sand. You can still keep the secret to yourself or reveal to friends that your pendant carries ashes. Memories will be recalled time and time again with this treasured memorial pendant.

Consider this elegant pendant that is crafted with fine sterling silver and glass. A pendant that will sparkle, and a pendant that will keep your memories close so you can cherish the time you had with your loved one.

This urn holds just a small amount of ashes. A separate urn or several small memorial urns to be shared with family can also be considered for the rest of the cremation ashes.

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