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Heart Shaped Cremation Bead Charm - Sterling Silver

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  • Add this cremation bead charm to a bracelet to take a symbol of your bond with your loved one along on all of life's journeys.
  • The sterling silver bead is formed into a classic heart shape, with a cluster of rhinestones at the center that sparkle beautifully in the light.
  • The bead is made from sterling silver, which boasts a brilliant shine and impressive durability.
  • The cremation charm features an inner compartment to store ash that opens with a small screw on the side of the bead.
  • Includes instructions on how to add ash and a jewelry kit containing a screwdriver and funnel.

Not to be submerged in water.

Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch.
Dimensions: 0.5 Inches High x 0.5 Inches Wide.
Material: Sterling Silver
Two palms facing each other, fingers bent inward, nails touching – look through the formed opening and discover an interior heart held within a heart formed by two hands. Imagine then, the interior heart’s space holding a sense of being – that of love – unique to each individual and to each relationship. A connection of essence revealed when one accepts love’s invitation and walks through its doors. Perhaps one is met with the simplest feeling of Calm’s “ahhhh,” or perhaps with Excitement’s “OOHHH,” or the penetrating presence of awestruck Beauty. This particular piece of sterling silver cremation jewelry captures a heart of rhinestones held within another heart. Rhinestones add sparkle, resonant of enduring night-sky star light. Charms for ashes, such as the Heart Shaped Cremation Bead Charm – Sterling Silver, provide a way to keep memories and moments close.

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