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Granite Finish Cremation Urn Vault - Double


SKU: CV900

  • Granite colored cremation urn vaults used for burial ceremonies.
  • Allows for 2 cremation urns to stand upright comfortably side-by-side.
  • The double urn vault stacks compactly for space-saving storage.
  • Inside dimensions: 14.00 Inches High, 10.00 Inches Wide, 12.00 Inches Long.
  • Built to withstand pressures up to 3300 pounds/square inch from earth-moving and cemetery maintenance equipment.
  • Constructed of a high technology polymer.
  • This double urn vault is made in America, and includes a tube of strong adhesive for securing the vault before burial.
  • Let the durable nature of this urn vault allow you to find peace of mind, knowing that your loved one's urn can rest peacefully inside for all of time.
Not intended to store cremated ash.
Dimensions: 15.5 Inches High x 16.5 Inches Length x 12.0 Inches Wide.
Material: Polymer
When your loved one passes away, you want them to have the most respectable and loving funeral ceremony. If you have opted for cremation and then urn burial, a double urn vault for two cremation urns offers you to eventually join your loved one in the same place physically, in the safe embrace of this vault and spiritually, after you go on to the afterlife to meet them yet again. This double granite finish cremation urn vault is a loving memorial that allows two connected souls with an unbreakable bond rest in peace together.

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