Floral Biodegradable Earth Urn - Small


  • Biodegradable urn made from mulberry tree bark in the shape of a heart.
  • Flower petals and leaves are interwoven into the urn to create a natural and refreshing design.
  • A memorable land burial ceremony can be performed with this urn, which will biodegrade over time.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally sustainable.
  • These urns will not biodegrade ifstored in a cool, dry location, away from the sunlight, until it is ready for burial.
Capacity: Up to 30 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 30 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 3.3 Inches High x 4.8 Inches Length x 4.3 Inches Wide.
Material: Paper
Life altering. Life changing. There can be no greater loss than the death of a small loved one. The soul aches, the heart is shattered. During this time, we look for comfort and a symbol of the life so loved. The small but delicate biodegradable urn in the shape of a heart is as pure as it is simplistic. Over time, this cremation urn for burial becomes one with the earth. The Floral Biodegradable Earth Urn “ Small restores the soul in nature's cycle of rebirth, immortalizing a loved one's heart - now and always.

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