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Eternal Flame Marble Cremation Urn


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  • Large sand-colored marble cremation urn for ashes with matching lid.
  • Handcrafted from 1 block of marble.
  • Urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pattern.
  • Bag and adhesive included.

Capacityup to 220 cubic inches.
Dimensions: 10.5"H x 8.5"W.
Material: Cameo marble.

The Eternal Flame Marble Cremation Urn

Warm as a flame, memories flicker and dance. Eternal as fire. Greek cremation urns draw from ancient designs carved of stone. Since the Greeks and Romans, marble has long been associated with art and beauty, a cultural symbol of classic elegance, revered for its strength. Inspired by antique cremation urns, this urn evokes refined taste and noble simplicity. Find solace in the gentle sand colors in the variegated stone that are unique to each urn. Unique as your loved one.

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