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Dragonfly Memory Lamp


SKU: IO-55003

  • Dragonflies are connected to the symbolism of change and light.
  • A blue dragonfly on this memory lamp is highlighted against a yellow background.
  • An elegant addition to any space of your home.
  • Colors may vary slightly from the photo shown.
Not intended to store cremated ash. 
Dimensions: 4.0 Inches High x 5.0 Inches Wide.
Material: Marble
A dragonfly is a wondrous thing, darting here, darting there, with the quickness of a bolt of light, it hovers - then escapes! - never holding still for longer than a brief moment. Perhaps this is where the mystery first evolved, for it is said that, long ago, dragonflies were dragons, beings filled with wisdom. How they transformed from the great creatures they once were, none can tell, but transformation and change are also linked to this wondrous little being. For someone who is grieving, and struggling to find the path to understanding the momentous change a loved one’s loss can bring, these bereavement gifts add a touch of help and support. Our Dragonfly Memory Lamps are sympathy gifts that house wisdom and its transformation inside soft, warm light.
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