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Ceramic Cat Cremation Urn - Bastet in Satin Black



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  • The Black Bastet is a modern, statuesque crematory vessel for your cat's ashes.
  • The urn is made from low fire clay using a black satin eggshell glaze.
  • This cat urn is inspired by the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet .  
  • Due to the handcrafted nature of this piece, each bastet cat urn may vary slightly from the one photographed.
  • For a permanent seal we recommend using 5 minute epoxy.
  • Engravable base available.

Capacity: Ideal for a cat that weighed up to 30 lbs.
Dimensions: 8.0”H x 3.75”W. The opening is 1.75”W.
Materials: Ceramic, glaze.

To transfer cremated ash into the urn, first place your new plastic bag inside the urn. Then pour the ashes from your old vessel inside the new bag. Do not try to force a full bag of cremains into the urn.

Soft purrs and softer paws, gentle and playful taps on your face to wake you in the morning, the ruler of the best chair in the house, and the eyes of an independent being that fiercely loved those in their family. Cats are independent companions, and their presence inside a family and a home is a special bond that is almost tangible. This urn for cat ashes is a unique tribute to that bond in its sleek form and alert ears that are so reminiscent of the rare ways of a kitty companion. The Ceramic Cat Cremation Urn – Bastet in Satin Black is a reminder and a holder of these uncommon moments that happened every day. But these pet urns for cats also remind us that the love of a feline friend is an exceptional love and will always be remembered.

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