Carved Cylinder Cremation Pendant - Stainless Steel

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SKU: TKB-P1488

  • Unique pet inspired design is carved onto the surface of the pendant.
  • The ash is added through a screw on the top of the pendant.
  • Cylinder cremation pendant to carry your loved pet with you throughout the day.
  • A silver chain is included.

Not to be submerged in water.

Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch.
Dimensions: 1.0 Inches High x 0.7 Inches Wide.
Material: Stainless Steel
Depicting a dog with a halo and wings, a dog angel so to speak. Even throughout their life they look so pure, genuine and innocent. It's all in their eyes. They look at us as if we could do no wrong. As if we held the answers to all their questions. They give such unconditional love and undying loyalty to us that we do our best to return to them. Keep their memory close to you thanks to the stainless steel carved cylinder cremation pendant for ashes.

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