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Blue Onyx Marble Cremation Keepsake



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  • Mosaic style blue and white hand made marble keepsake urn for ash storage.
  • 7 pieces of marble create a mosaic effect.
  • Keepsake urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pattern.
  • Bag and adhesive included.
  • Engraving available.
Capacity: Up to 15 cubic inches.
Dimensions: 5.5"H x 3.0"W.
Material: Onyx marble.

Like a sleek waistcoat or elegant evening gown, the blues in these mini urns for ashes dress these Blue Onyx Marble Cremation Keepsakes in uniquely dignified color. As if stepping out for a night at the opera or to take in a show at the theater, yet there is a gravity there too, a history in the delicate strength of the stone. But often, it is the strongest among us that shows the most elegance. Is it kindness that gives this strength, or quiet, or steadfast purpose? Perhaps all three. These miniature urns are outfitted in themselves, each unique, each beautiful, and each the more precious for it.

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