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Blue Butterfly Night Light Memory Lamp


SKU: m104BBM

  • Beautiful handcrafted butterfly night light gift. A Blue Morpho Butterfly is highlighted against a green background.
  • An alternative to a traditional memory lamp.
  • Made from fused glass, which creates a special bubbly texture.
  • Each of these nightlights is 100% one of a kind with their own unique coloring.
  • Optional gift wrap and card available for $5.
Not intended to store cremated ash. 
Dimensions: 5.3 Inches High x 3.8 Inches Wide.
Material: Glass
Blue Morpho Butterflies dwell near the tallest trees of the forest canopies, reaching to the sky where they make their homes just beneath the light. The Blue Butterfly Night Light Memory Lamp is a soothing memory of the light a loved one shines into the world. Popular as remembrance gifts, these sympathy lamps feature an intricate butterfly in flight superimposed over a cheerful green background that calls to mind the green of a tropical forest canopy. It is a fitting and perfect memorial of a life cherished under the sun and lived to its fullest.
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