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Toledo Blue Cremation Urn - Large


  • Robust, minimalist, and biodegradable cremation urn hand painted in a rich midnight blue finish. 
  • Made from eco-friendly, vegetable based gelatin. Paint is skillfully applied by artisans and resembles fired ceramic.
  • Holes on the underside of the ashes urn allow water to enter quickly so it sinks gracefully.
  • The urn in its packaging will pass through airport security screenings and can fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial airliners.

Capacity: Ideal for someone having weighed up to 230 lbs.
Dimensions: 10.0"H x 8.0"W.
Materials: Gelatin.

Allowing a loved one’s ashes to be buried at sea is powerful, emotional, peaceful, and meaningful all at once. The ashes container provides a secure place to hold the ashes safely in transport, and place in water during a water memorial ceremony. Robust yet minimalist, this travel urn is a thoughtful choice as a vessel. Designed as a biodegradable urn for water burial, the Toledo Blue Cremation Urn - Large fills with water quickly so that it sinks gracefully.

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