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Biodegradable Cremation Urn - Footprints



  • Pearly white finish with a banded decoration of footprints in the sand of a beach.
  • These cremation urns are used for land burials. The material poses no threat to soil or water.
  • These urns must be fully immersed underground to begin degrading.
  • They are made of arboform, a natural material comparable to wood, and are 100% biodegradable.

Capacity: up to 210 cubic inches.
Dimensions: 9.45"H X 6.42"W.
Materials: Arboform.

Sand, water, and an endless horizon before you. Ocean spray brushes your face, waves curl around your toes. The beach is your happy spot – to join in a game of volleyball, frolic in the surf with your kids, picnic, or amble at a gentle pace with your lover, perhaps catching a glimpse of a dolphin or brown pelican. This is where you feel authentic, at home.  Those who treasure the ocean, will be drawn to the footprints in the sand on the shore in the banded illustration on this luminous white eco-friendly urn. It is a true certified green product, a biodegradable container for ashes, designed to decompose naturally when buried in the earth. There are countless ways to care for cremated ashes – why not with a biodegradable burial urn that comes with a certificate of authenticity?

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