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Biodegradable Cremation Urn Including Live Tree Sapling


SKU: LU100-LU200

  • This biodegradable planting system allows a beautiful tree to grow out of a loved one's cremation ashes and the voucher is good for one seedling from 20 beautiful choices of trees raised in a Colorado nursery.
  • The tree provides an enduring memory of the beauty that lives on after a loved one has passed.
  • The eco-friendly planting system is made entirely from plant material, readily breaking down when placed in the ground, and the seedling is raised in a nursery to ensure a healthy young tree emerges from the growth system
  • The growth system includes aged wood chips, soil growth mix, pH neutralizer, and an outer bamboo packaging; the seedling arrives upon redemption of voucher, ready to be placed in the growth system and planted in an ideal location.
  • After adding ashes to the base of the system, the neutralizing mix, soil, and wood chips are added and the seedling selected with voucher is placed on top.
    • Capacity: Up to 290 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 290 lbs prior to cremation.
      Dimensions: 13.5 Inches High x 6.9 Inches Wide.
      Material: Recycled Material

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