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Alpine Green Genuine Marble Cremation Urn - Hand Carved

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  • Cylindrical marble cremation urn for ashes.
  • Hand-carved from 100% genuine marble by artisans in Pakistan.
  • Due to the genuine marble nature of this urn, the pattern and color may vary.
  • The untraditional shape of this urn allows for you to uniquely commemorate your loved one.
  • Two rings are located on the lower half of the urn, giving the design added dimension.
  • The lift off lid completes the cylindrical shape and will require adhesives to securely shut.

    • Dimensions: 10.0 Inches High x 6.5 Inches Wide.
      If your loved one was not one for going with the flow. If they were someone who would always put their own spin on things. If they were someone who would question the status quo. If you answered yes to all of the above, then this may be the perfect urn to commemorate your loved one. Allow their unique characteristics to shine through in this untraditional and special cremation urn.

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