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Acorn and Oaks Ceramic Cremation Keepsake Urn


  • One of a kind ceramic box keepsake for ashes with leaf and acorn detailing.
  • Metal wire accent and hand made texture highlights the natural, rustic beauty.
  • Skillfully handcrafted from start to finish.
  • Red iron oxide finish.
  • Engraving available.
  • 100% handmade in Minnesota, USA.
Capacity: Up to 3 Cubic Inches. Ideal for a small amount of ashes.
Dimensions: 2.5 Inches High x 2.0 Inches Length x 2.0 Inches Wide.
Material: Ceramic
    Recall the gentle plop of an acorn falling from high up on a mighty oak tree, bouncing off the glossy brown leaves scattered upon the ground below. One of a kind, each acorn holds the promise of a new tree in the forest, or a nibble for a hungry squirrel or chipmunk during a long winter. The acorn - a symbol of life and immortality in Nordic and Celtic cultures - is embodied in this one-of-a-kind cremation pottery. The playful acorn top and folded leaves in the Acorn and Oaks Ceramic Cremation Keepsake Urn create a gentle reminder of the joy of living and the richness of the autumnal harvest. Lovingly handmade, these particular ceramic keepsakes are infused with the care and gentle touch of the artist.

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