About Living With Loss: Meditations for Grieving Widows

Photo of the cover of Living with Loss.

We are proud to offer this best-selling motivational book written by Ellen Sue Stern. This book was written to help grieving widows process their emotions and thoughts during the loss of a loved one. Living with Loss: Meditations for Grieving Widows is in a page a day format focusing on relevant topics and interspersed with small, helpful writing exercises that will provide comforting support throughout a  year. 

One Amazon reviewer writes, "This book was incalculably helpful to me as I walked numbly through the first year after my husband's death. I received many books from well-intentioned friends, but couldn't find much enthusiasm for reading much at a sitting. This book is in a 'daily meditation' format, presenting one idea per day, on one page. This was not too much for my grief-stunned attention span, and dealt with real issues in direct language. I appreciated it so much. I heartily recommend this book for all widows who want to remember, and to gently help themselves heal."

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