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Biodegradable Bamboo Scattering Tube - Extra Large

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  • This environmentally friendly bamboo scattering tube offers a biodegradable option for scattering a loved one's ashes.
  • The natural look of the bamboo allows for a peaceful returning of ashes to Earth.
  • Made of sustainable bamboo, the tube features a locking mechanism to prevent spilling and to allow scattering at multiple locations.
  • The scattering tube comes with easy instructions for use.
  • To use the scattering tube, simply remove the pin and cover, add ash, and replace the pin in its locked position until ready to scatter; to scatter, remove pin, rotate lid 180 degrees, reinsert pin, and wave tube away from body.
Capacity: Up to 350 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 350 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 14.2 Inches High x 5.9 Inches Wide.
Material: Bamboo
Evergreen and perennial, bamboo grows tall and fast, reaching toward the heavens. Revered for both its strength and beauty, the honey-brown wood-like grain of this bamboo scattering tube brings to mind forests where it flourishes -- the moist air, soft breeze, sweet fullness of the day. Bamboo cremation urns offer a lovely eco-friendly memorial for a life lived in harmony with the natural world. The extra large Biodegradable Bamboo Scattering Tube is designed with an easy opening and locking mechanism to ensure the smooth scattering of ashes.

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